Home Automation

Home Automation is becoming more and more popular in homes. Almost anything can be done by the click of an app on your mobile device. You can control lights, shades, music, electronics, temperature, etc. We can customize it to how simple or complex you want. Contact us for a free estimate.


Sound Automation

Do you love music? Do you hate leaving a room, then you can’t listen to your music anymore? We automate your whole home with a leading (Sonos) sound system for high quality audio. We work with every budget to suit your needs. Call us now for a free estimate at (732) 341-5014


Atmosphere Automation

Do you enjoy getting up and changing the thermostat? We automate your homes atmosphere with a press of a button so you never have to touch your thermostat again. Our custom automation setup allows you to change the temperature, lighting, or shading with a press.


Entertainment Automation

Do you wish you can control your TV, speakers, and security system with a touch of a button? Now, you can! With our home entertainment automation, your life at home will be easy and enjoyable. Plus your wife will love you for it. Email us now at RJ@armbrustercomm.com