Technology "Musts" in a Home...Part 2

Last month we outlined four technology “musts” in a home.  We focused mostly on things that would make your home more aesthetically pleasing. In hopes that it was helpful, we are adding four more things that we feel are important for a home. These are going to focus more on function and safety in your home.

  1. Video surveillance. Although we do not install alarm systems, we do install video surveillance cameras. These cameras are installed to the outside of your home or business and hook up to a DVR to record activity in the immediate area. There are two main benefits to this system: 1) there are no monthly fees, and 2) you can view your cameras right from your mobile device whether you are home or not.  Many DIY systems sold at stores come with monthly service fees or poor image quality.
  2. Ring doorbells. These doorbells allow you to see who is at the door before you even open the door. When someone rings the doorbell, your mobile device notifies you in real time that someone is at your door. You can physically see a video of who is ringing your doorbell as well as have a two-way conversation with that person. For example, if you are out with your spouse and have a babysitter watching your children, you will get a notification if someone is at your door. You can then contact the babysitter whether to answer the door or not.  Another example, perhaps you are in your backyard gardening or grilling and your doorbell rings. You can see if you need to answer the door, or if it is just the postman dropping off a package. The disadvantage to this system is it only works on mobile devices. The doorbell does not ring in the house anywhere unless there is a Smartphone or tablet available. 
  3. Lighting controls. Have you ever left for the day and gotten home after dark forgetting to keep a light on? With lighting controls, you can turn a light on before you even head home. Perhaps your teenager needs to wake up for school before the sun it up, turn on their light from your phone! Maybe you left for a week of vacation but forgot to leave a light on. Turn it on from your phone from the airport! Having a party? Customize your lights to be able to adjust them from anywhere in your home. You can automate these features so they happen without you needing to do anything! There are so many reasons to have lighting controls for your home.   
  4. One app. Each of these technology “musts” we have outlined today come with their own app for your mobile device. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one app to handle it all? Believe it or not, it does exist. It’s called OnControls and we wrote about it in article here. It is titled “All Those Apps and Remotes!” If you are tired of taking up so much space on your mobile device with apps, put them all into one app to simplify your systems.

If you are interested in any of these systems, please contact us and we will help you determine what will fit your needs. Call us at 732-341-5014 or email us here to schedule your free estimate.

RJ ArmbrusterComment