Navigating the World of HDMI

     Have you ever needed an HDMI cable, and when you get to the store you have NO idea which one you need?? One says 1.3, another 1.4, and another 2.0! Maybe you thought all HDMI cables were the same. Well, they are not.
     HDMI is a wire, a connector, and a circuit board all with different classifications. It takes all three parts for the device to work. This can be confusing, so I’m going to give you the basics.
     Every wire and device has its own classification, which is capable of different levels of quality and features. The devices themselves have circuit boards in them that have a classification. For example, a TV made in 2007 most likely has HDMI 1.3 classification. This is also the same for most cable boxes, although some newer boxes are 1.4. If you plug a 1.3 cable wire into a 1.4 cable box and connect to a brand new 2.0 TV, you are only going to get the quality of the 1.3 cable. Your devices will only be as strong as the weakest link. There may be lag in changing channels, or the sound and picture will not be the best quality.
     How many of you read that paragraph and all you comprehended was, “Blah, blah, blah?” What does this information mean? Well, I have some great news! has realized that this is a very confusing system with their classifications and they have come up with a solution. They are requiring manufacturers to change their marketing to list the features on their boxes rather than a classification number. From now on, when you go to the store to look for that HDMI cable, it will list exactly what it should be used for right on the packaging. No more guessing which numbers will work with your devices.  *Sigh* What a relief!
     If you are currently wondering which cable plugs into where, and which one to use for any of your devices, please call us at 732-341-5014 and we can straighten everything out for you.

RJ ArmbrusterComment