Mounting a TV Over a Fireplace

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “Can I mount my TV over my fireplace?” First of all, NO! I would not do this in my own home or recommend it to you. However, with the number of times I’ve installed them, and other people who have done them, of course you can. There are a few precautions you should consider before mounting your television over the fireplace. Take a thermometer and place it where you want the TV. Turn the fireplace on and make sure the temperature does not exceed 90 degrees. That is the standard for most TV manufacturers recommendations. If you find that the temperature does exceed 90 degrees, then I would suggest a mantle to deflect some of the heat before putting an expensive TV above the fireplace. When you do decide to mount it, keep the TV as close to mantle as possible this will allow the heat to pass away from the TV’s electronics as much as possible. As always if you are not sure, we are just a phone call away. RJ Armbruster, Owner Armbruster Communications, LLC 732-341-5014

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