How to Properly Mount a TV

My name is RJ Armbruster, owner and president of Armbruster Communications, LLC. I have personally wall mounted more TV’s than I can count. It’s great thing to do in your home with many great benefits. A wall mounted TV is out of reach of small children and they cannot injury themselves. It creates more space and makes the room look larger. When done properly it will not come off the wall. So what’s our trick? How do we ensure EVERY TV stays on the wall guaranteed? Those that we have been fortunate enough to help know the answer to this already. It is what I refer to as the “RJ Test”. Once a mount is on the wall I hang on it. That’s right, I hang on it. If it can support my weight it can support your TV. We would be honored to assist you with you TV or audio needs. Call or email us today at 732-341-5014. Mention this blog post and receive $25 off!

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