Hidden Electronics

Lets face it, technology is getting cooler and cooler! Everyone wants the coolest things but doesn’t necessarily want to see the equipment out in the open. This is one of our specialties! With all the homes being rebuilt here at the Jersey Shore technology is a big part of them. It's understandable, whether the home is a primary residence or second home, you don’t want to see the cable boxes, gaming systems, DVD/Blu-ray players, music systems, etc. One of the main services we offer is using what is called IR receiver technology. This allows us to place the equipment out of sight while still allowing your existing remote controls to function the same way that always have. The next step up from this is using RF technology or wireless technology. This involves a special universal remote control but no sensor is required. These are both very common for us to install based on a client's needs and wants. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is available out there today. Feel free to give us a call to discus your project. RJ Armbruster Owner Armbruster Communications, LLC 732-341-5014 rj@armbrustercomm.com

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