HDTV over the air

HDTV over the air is possible for you without a big monstrous antenna on your home. Recently we installed a new Winegard Flat Wave Air Antenna for a client and this is what they wrote about the experience. We can install one for you starting at $300 that includes the cost of the antenna Offer ends 10-31-2013. Call us 732-341-5014   “Toms River N.J. has always been in a unique position between two Metropolitan areas to be able to pick and choose the best television available for an individual’s taste. Years ago when Toms River had Adelphia Cable they offered both NY and Phila. Channels as part of their lineup. When they did a swap of areas with Comcast the services started to decrease and the rates increased. Comcast would force you to pay for their higher priced digital service in order to maintain both area local channels when they moved the Phila. Channels into the digital range. With the advent of Verizon Fios their rates dropped a little but the service was not customer oriented. Fios promised dual local channels but never delivered on that promise. Fios introduced only ABC out of Philly. With the introduction of digital TV it was practically impossible to get TV from Philly with an antenna. RJ Armbruster Owner of Armbruster Communications never gave up the fight. Every time a new and better antenna came out they would try it including 12’ monsters with amplifiers. Then one week after the introduction of Winegard Flat Wave Air Antenna the results are spectacular and I have 35 channels from Philly with no monthly cost.”

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