Get a Human!

We’ve all been there. We need to speak to a customer service representative to resolve an issue with our bill, update our account, or simply request lowering our interest rate on our credit card. We dial the 800 number anticipating to speak to a representative within a couple of seconds, only to find out we have been prompted incessantly to multiple departments, never reaching an actual “live” person to talk to.

We become frustrated, and possibly even throw the phone against the wall, and then attempt to call once again; only now, the waiting time is twenty minutes, all spent listening to the recording of a representative over and over that we state out loud in frustration the most enunciated nine diminutive words we can say (excluding the colorful words we like to add in): ” I JUST WANT TO SPEAK TO A LIVE PERSON!”. We all know everyone wants to talk to a live person. Who doesn’t? We found a service that not only offers a live person willing to assist in one’s request, but also provides indispensable steps to bypass the phone systems of top, well-known businesses within the airline, telecommunication, financial and retail industries. Their website is They also have a free app for smartphones! When you enter the website, you will get to select from a vast data listing to choose from. You will see companies such as American Airlines, AT&T Wireless, EZ-Pass, Experian, Hot Wire, Jersey Central Power & Light Company, Merrill Lynch, Sears, Verizion, USPS, and the US Department of Homeland Security to name a few. Simply, select the company of interest (example-Sears) and follow the steps guiding you to reach a live rep. That’s it! The website makes this service available for anyone wishing to eliminate time spent on being transferred from one department to another.

RJ ArmbrusterComment