Camera systems

Camera systems can be found almost anywhere today and some seem really cheap...but what’s the REAL catch? We have been asked to install a few of these budget, big box store systems and can speak firsthand as to some of the differences. First, yes, they are really inexpensive, but there comes a big loss in quality. We have seen a camera from one of these systems installed on a porch viewing a client's driveway. He could not read the phone number on his truck and the letters were close to 12″ tall! Saving some money but not being able to provide your family with the protection you thought you had is a poor investment. Some other systems say they can be viewed over the internet but that’s all! You can look at a live picture but it doesn’t record!? Isn’t that the purpose of the system; to record the video in case you need it? Some of these systems offer you a monthly bill to have the privilege to record. We offer you an alternative: pay a few dollars more and buy a system from us that records, can view live and recorded activity from your mobile device, and does not come with a monthly bill. Our systems start at $400/camera installed. Call us today at 732-341-5014 to discuss your project.

RJ ArmbrusterComment