Cable TV Wiring

Recently we have completed quite a few Cable TV wiring jobs. According to clients, their struggle is they go to add a cable box in the bedroom and the cable company informs them that they no longer run wiring inside your home. The initial reaction is disappointment and confusion. As a cable company isn’t that what they do?! I have noticed that just as the phone company stops at the outside of your home, they will come run wiring inside your home for an additional fee. This is what the cable companies are doing as well. Basically this leaves you with the responsibility to find a qualified installer to complete this wiring. That is where we, the Custom Installer, comes in! If the cable company says the job is impossible or it cannot be done, we can do it for you! We say the impossible just takes some time and we would be honored to help you.   Call us at 732-341-5014 or Email us.

RJ ArmbrusterComment